THANK YOU to our donors!

Records reflect gifts from June 2016 through December 2017.


Gift of Melody
$5,000+ per year
Brian and Barbara Haymon
Nanette Noland Foundation

Gift of Rhythm
$1,000+ per year
Branden Barker
Tee and Kate Brown
Michel and Jody Hanet
Carl B. Herrick
Dub Noel
Camilla Pugh
Stasha Rhodes
Erich and Katie Sternberg
Mack A. “Bodi” White
Clay Young

Additional Multi-Year Donors
Up to $999 per year
William Assaf
Barbara and Bill Auten
Lori Bade
Soundra Temple Johnson
Kali Johnson
Al and Laurie McDuff
Frank McArthur
Linton Naquin
Lance and Leslie Porter
Davis and Elizabeth Prescott
R. Robert and Jeanette Rackley
Judith Roberson
Heather Sewell-Day
Lois Smyth
Jessica Trepagnier


$10,000 and Above

21st Century Community Learning Center Grant
Agrilectric Power Partners
Agrilectric Research Company
B. H. Timber
Capital Area United Way
Charles Lamar Family Foundation
East Baton Rouge Parish Public Schools
Excalibur Land Company

Farmers Rice Mill
Hardy Rice Drier
Irene W. and C. B. Pennington Foundation
KSUX Radio
Milling Company
The Powell Group

$1,000 to $9,999

Albemarle Corporation
Arts Council of Baton Rouge
Dennis P. and Cissy Caballero
Children’s Classical Music Fund
Classics For Kids Foundation
Cox Communications

Hargrove Engineering
Cordell and Ava Haymon
Lavigne Oil Company
New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Foundation
Billy Jeansonne Nungesser
Bill and Beth Pecue

Donna Saurage
St. James Episcopal Church
Malcolm Tucker and Annette Barton
John Turner and Jerry Fischer
Ron Weiner

Up to $999

Sr. Martha Ann Abshire
Laurie Adams
Leonard Adams
Lloyd and Benny Alford
Denise Allen
Margaret Altazin
Katherine C. Annison
Barbara Godchaux Bailey
Michael and Denise Balsama
Patrick Banks
Mary Barker
Wilmer Barrett
George and Teri Bell
Connie Bernard
Judith Betts
George and Ruth Bilbe
Brett Blanchard
Sidney and Carol Anne Blitzer, Jr.
Barbara H. Bracken
Jim and Janie Brandt
David and Madeline Breidenbach
Darlene Brister
Jessica C. Brister
Sherry Brock
Jay and Vicki Brooks
Terrell and Mary Kay Brown
Sept Brown
Mike and Carolyn Button
Rosalind Campbell
Dan and Jennifer Cassin
Cheryl L. Castille
Ritney Castine
Renee Chatelain
Exxonmobil Research Retiree Club
Erin Colborn
Dawn Chanet Collins
David Couvillon
John G. Daniel
Vicki Dauterive
Warren Drake Jr.
Lamar Drummonds

Kevin and Elizabeth Duffy
Adonica Duggan
Louie Eckhardt
Gordon and Lou Ellis
Frank Emke
Larry (Lawrence) Eustis
Donald R. Ford
Michael Foster
Mary Linda Francis
Barbara Freiberg
Loyace Gant
Rebecca Gerdes
Darryl Gissel
Mary L. Goldman
William J. Grant
Bob and Alys Greer
Lowry Griffon
Dave Grosenheider
Brenda Guy
James and Marilyn Hamaker
Sarah Haneline
Elizabeth Harris
Butch and Margaret Hart
Leroy and Fran Harvey
Evelyn Hayes and Helen Pope
Diane Haynes
Billy Heroman’s Flowerland Inc.
Gerri Hobdy
Helen Hoffpauir
Mark Holland
Tommy and Bernadine Holliday
Betsy Irvine
Evelyn Ware-Jackson
Ronald and Nicole Jackson
Rev. Raymond Jetson
Mary Terrell Joseph
Makesha Judson
Mike and Jill Kantrow
Jessica Keasler
Kay Kirkpatrick
Sharon O. Kleinpeter
Charles and Mary Anne Koehler

Sarah Kracke
Mandy LaCerte
Dustin LaFont
Hermoneze Lang
Christopher Langlois
Nancy Leblanc
Pat McCallister LeDuff
Dee LeJeune
Anne Lemoine
Robert and Judith Levy
Donna Collins Lewis
Debbie Little
Gary and Debra Littlefield
Ray and Beryl Mack
Paul and Anne Marks
Katherine Martin
Mary Ricks Mason
Andrew Maverick
Mitch Mayes
Roger Mayes
Bobby and Nell McAnelly
Bobby and Susan McCall
Jonathan and Eunice McCarney
Peggy Sweeney-McDonald
Carolyn McKnight
Ty and Tracey McMains
Pamela Metoyer
Barry A. Meyer
Stan and Charlene Montelaro
Linton Naquin
Ethelee Nelson
John and Virginia Noland
Tania Nyman
Frank Oby
Barbara Oliver
Jessica Ottaviano
Miriam Overton
Candace Temple Parker
Melissa Parmelee
Josh and Mary Pesses
Robin and Lynn Philippe
Leigh Phillips
Pat Picard and Chinky Cointment

Katie Abraham Pritchett
Camilla Pugh
Rusty Rebowe
Reed, Lori and Sam Richard
Daniel Richard
Maggie Richardson
Gordon Rogillio
Gordy and Ashley Rush
Kit Samuels and Samuels Family
Cary Saurage
Connie Schneider
Franz Schoeffler
David Silver
Gale Smith
Adam Smith
SparkHound Foundation
Lucas Andrew Spielfogel
Thomas J. and Sherry L. Spies
Mary Ann Sternberg
Hampton and David Stewart
Samuel and Kirsten Stone
Ellen Stover
Jeanne Stroda
Jennifer Tewell
Don Thanars
Dorothy Thomas
William and Beverly Brooks Thompson
Ryan and Jeanette Turk
Laura Vinsant
Lauren Westbrook
Sharon Weston-Broome
Corine Wiggins
Laura Williams
Sevetri Wilson
Steve and Monica Winkler
Barbara Wittkopf
Randy Young
Shirley Young
Tom and Brooke Yura
5 Anonymous Gifts


Baton Rouge Symphony Orchestra
Hilton Baton Rouge Capitol Center
iCast Interactive
LSU Shool of Music

Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers
St. James Episcopal Church
Zeagler Music