Top 5 Tips for Your Instrument

Top 5 Tips for Your Instrument

With the start of Kids’ Orchestra, here are a few things to review with your young musician:

1.Take Great Care of Your Instrument

Keep it Clean

Learn how to clean your instrument and clean it regularly.  Sometimes the malfunction is so subtle that the student thinks they are doing something wrong, and frustration mounts.  If your instrument doesn’t sound as  vibrant as when you first received it, it is most likely dirty.

Woodwind & Brass Musicians: Watch what you eat!

Food particles can get trapped inside a wind or brass instrument. If  you must eat before you play, it is best to rinse your mouth out with water.

Store Your Instrument Safely

Keep your instrument in its protective case and store it in a safe place. An instrument can be damaged if it takes a fall, or if something falls on it.

2. Play Your Instrument! Practice!

Practicing every day creates muscle memory. Be consistent. Even 5 minutes a day makes a huge difference.

Maxim Vengerov, one of the best violinists in the world, says “Practicing is the most important thing in an artist’s life because it all comes to prepare your body and mind to be ready with your heart at the same time for the performance. It takes quite a long time until you can master it.”

3. Listen to the Music

Which music are you learning in class?  Who is the composer? The more you know about the music you are studying, the more connected you will feel as you play it. Google and YouTube are great resources. We suggest watching videos of other musicians performing music so that you can hear how someone else plays the same piece.

4. Find an Audience

An instrument is designed to take center stage! Perform for your parents, grandparents, siblings, and friends.  Teach others how to read music or play a specific note on your instrument. Performing for a small audience helps to combat stage fright and develops self-confidence.

5. Have fun!

Always listen to teachers and be attentive but make sure to have fun!

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Kids’ Orchestra distributes about 800 instruments on loan each school year.

Special Thanks to Classics for Kids Foundation for their generous grant award

to help Kids’ Orchestra purchase these instruments.

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