Kids’ Orchestra employs approximately 70 teaching artists each year. Faculty members include professional musicians who perform in local and regional symphonies and chamber ensembles, professors from area universities, doctoral and master’s candidates from area universities, and certified teachers in local school systems. All teaching artists have proven pedagogical skills in the teaching of their applied instrument and participate in ongoing professional development as active Kids’ Orchestra instructors.

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Traditional Teaching Sites

LaSalle Elementary

Mayfair Laboratory School

Park Ridge Academic Magnet School (PRAMS) – Baker

Site Coordinator – Betty Cade
Site Assistant – Jordan Johnson
Foundations – Vivian Ryder
Violin – Anton Zholondz
Violin – Randy Manning
Viola – Joshua Burgos
Cello – Anna Herrera
Flute – Erika Larsen
Trumpet – Shane Courville
Percussion – Kyle Cherwinski
Violin Lessons – Sophie Fortunato
Site Coordinator – Jasmine Batiste
Site Assistant – Alisha Moore
Foundations – Sarah Banker
Violin – Anderson Mesquita
Violin – Mahakit Leardcheewanan
Viola – Hanna Panamarenka
Flute – Suzanne Buerkle
Clarinet – Wilbert Gilley
Trumpet – Kwon Choi
Percussion – Mitchell Mobley
Site Coordinator – Roberta Chapman
Site Assistant – Amanda Moorer
Foundations – Brittany Raley
Foundations – Jolisa Singletary

The Dufrocq School

Westdale Heights Academic Magnet (WHAM)

Site Coordinator – Miranda Little
Site Assistant – Chrissie Davidson
– Jolisa Singletary
Foundations – Lorenzo Gapud
Violin – Hannah Urdea
Violin – Sinella Aghasi
Violin lessons – Anton Zholondz
Bass – Cameron Normand
Flute – Suzanne Buerkle
Clarinet – Cari Sands
Percussion – Evan Outhouse
Site Coordinator – Angel Morgan
Site Assistant – Jordan Johnson
Foundations – Gabi Eaves
Violin – Sabrina Parry
Violin – Sophie Fortunato
Viola – Joshua Burgos
Viola – Alanna North
Cello – Anna Herrera
Flute – Alicia Lewis
Clarinet – Wilbert Gilley
Percussion – Chase Gillett

21st CCLC Teaching Sites

Claiborne Elementary

Greenbrier Elementary

Ryan Elementary

Site Coordinator – Sharon Nixon
Education Liaison – Rahsha Williams
Academic Instructor – Gail Arline
Academic Instructor – Letia Barber
Academic Instructor – Roslyn Terrell
Foundations – Summer Hayes
Foundations – Brandy Johnson
Foundations – Dustin Gonzales
Violin – Sinella Aghassi
Viola – Will Mangum
Cello/Bass – Wagner Duarte
Cello/Bass – Eduard Teregulov
Clarinet – Harrison Dollar
Flute – Gabriela Gomez
Trumpet – Hollyn Slykhuis
pBone – Larry Heard
Percussion – Chase Gillett
Rehearsal Instructor – Tony Collins
Rehearsal Instructor – Austin Ventura
Site Coordinator – Brandy Brumfield
Education Liaison – Danielle Dickerson
Academic Instructor – Deborah Tucker
Academic Instructor – Auntresse McClay
Academic Instructor – Urlecia Jackson
Foundations – Sheila Brock
Violin – Nicole Fassold
Viola – Natasha Sieczkowska
Cello – Raudol Palacios
Flute – Claudia Aizaga
Clarinet – Cari Sands
Trumpet – Hannah Weber
pBone – Will Ford
Percussion – Manny Trevino
Rehearsal Instructor – Alex Chenevert
Rehearsal Instructor – Zana Harris
Site Coordinator – Telisa Magee
Education Liaison – Jeanine Leonard
Academic Instructor – Marlese Harris
Academic Instructor – Constance Stewart
Academic Instructor – Lenilla Daniel
Foundations – Cassie Schmitt
Foundations – Sarah Banker
Foundations – Jesse Warren
Violin – Nicole Fassold
Viola – Natasha Sieczkowska
Cello – Eduard Teregulov
Cello – Wagner Duarte
Flute – Gabriela Gomez
Clarinet – Harrison Dollar
Trumpet – Alisha Moore
pBone – Larry Heard
Percussion – Manny Trevino
Rehearsal Instructor – Margaret Piccoli
Rehearsal Instructor – Tawana Ott

Other Programs

Kids' Choir


Choir Director – Jason Bowers
Choir Director – Emily DeFoe
Mini-Musicians Director – Ann Marie Stanley
String Orchestra Ensemble Director – Alicia Monroe
Wind Ensemble Ensemble Director – Abby Lyons South
Symphony Orchestra Ensemble Directors – Alicia Monroe and Abby Lyons South
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