Kids’ Orchestra is Great!

Kids orchestra is great!!!! My son really loves to play the trumpet… It’s a great opportunity for kids to learn music…

– Nalson Hebert

  From Shy to Outgoing

Kids orchestra has allowed a shy girl to be involved in something enriching and of a social nature. It is her first year and she loves it. Love love KO.

– Faith Parrot

  Absolutely Amazing!!

My daughter recently spent 2 weeks at Kids Orchestra camp that was hosted at one of the Baton Rouge private high schools. This camp was an extremely organized, well-planned, fabulously executed and enjoyable for many of the kiddos that attended. Even I wanted to attend the camp, since there was nothing like this, when I was a kid. I am huge fan of early childhood enrichment and keeping kids active in the summer rather than being plopped in front of the TV or eyes glued on mobile devices. The first session was focused on string instruments. Since, my daughter is already taking viola lessons, she was able to bring her viola and was given additional instruction. Plus, at the end of the week, they put on a showcase for the parents, which was a preview of what they had learned for the week. Camp price was $200 for the week and that included t-shirt, snacks, lunch, water bottle, bag, field trip and activities galore! For the second session, they focused on woodwind and brass instruments. Same structure as the first session, but different instruments. It was so cool to see kids perform drum circle and play percussion, too! They have a program for kids available during the school year, too. So, if your child attended summer camp, they are already classified as “a student”, so they get priority enrollment for the school year. She definitely wants to do the camp again next summer and has even expressed interest in being part of kids orchestra during the school year. My husband and I were super impressed at how much they were able to teach the kids in just 1-week! Phenomenal, I tell ya! Baton Rouge offers so much for children in terms of enrichment activities, please take advantage of them! Your kids will thank you and you will pat yourself on the back to know that you have opened up additional interests for your little ones. Make sure you check out their website for all the information about their year-round enrollment and summer camps!

– Rebecca W.

  Great Opportunity!

Great opportunity to expand the worldview of your child……I started playing the flute in middle school and played throughout high school. The benefits have been very residual, plus it gave me another group of my peers to get to know as friends.

– Pam Well

  Truly Amazing Organization

As one of the active staff here at KO I have enjoyed myself, teaching kids the wonders of music and the doors that music can open up. Hope to see my students and other’s students succeeding and have fulfilling, promising careers as musicians in the future.

– Bryant Harris

  Great After-school Activity!

Kids orchestra is a great after-school activity for kids. My son is a part of it and I am truly amazed on how well he has learned to play his trumpet! Good job Kids Orchestra, keep up the good work.

– Shayla Robinson

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