The Doctors DiSalvio Are In

The Doctors DiSalvio Are In


“Music started it all,” says Nick DiSalvio, DMA, and thankfully, it is what brought this powerhouse couple to Baton Rouge, and coincidentally to the Kids’ Orchestra family. They met in Europe their sophomore year of high school through the American Music Abroad (AMA) program. After the tour ended, they were separated by 200 miles, but AIM and E-mail helped them stay in contact over the course of their remaining high school years.

Before her sophomore year of college, Pagean transferred and joined Nick at at Rowan University in New Jersey. After succesfully completing their undergraduate music degrees and falling in love, they set out together to Illinois State for their masters’ degrees. Now, the DiSalvios are just a few weeks away from their graduation from the doctoral program at LSU. Pagean will graduate with a DMA in trumpet performance and Nick will graduate with a DMA in woodwind performance. The Kids’ Orchestra team has had the pleasure of having them on our teaching staff since 2013. They are amongst our most highly qualified and valued instructors, and they instill excellent technique within their young students.


While the dust is still settling from a crazy season of intense studying, writing, performing, and teacha64c18ad-7a32-45f9-b694-a67c4084cb59ing, Nick notes that they are “glad to have completed what we set out to do together, ” and I think that is what makes this couple so special–they forged their own paths and accomplished great things as individuals, but they chose to do it together. It is a rare and wonderful thing to see two gifted musicians support each other through such a busy and often incredibly stressful time of life.

They may be uncertain of what the future holds, but we know that it will be very bright for these two talented musicians and educators. They are a force to be reckoned with, and they are surely going to do big things for the music world. Congratulations to both of you, Pagean and Nick!

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