Land Acknowledgement Statement

Land acknowledgement statement

We acknowledge that the lands on which Kids’ Orchestra operates is the traditional territory of the Caddo Adai Indians of Louisiana, Biloxi Chitimacha Confederation, Chitimacha Tribe of Louisiana, Choctaw Nation, Coushatta Tribe, Four Winds Cherokee Tribe, Muscogee (Creek), Point au Chien Tribe, Tunica Biloxi Tribe, and the United Houma Nation. These Indigenous peoples have a deep and profound connection to this land and have called it home long before us.

We recognize that the history of this land is not just one of colonization and displacement, but also one of resilience, resistance, and survival. The Indigenous peoples of this region have faced, and continue to face, systemic injustices and discrimination.

By acknowledging the traditional territories of these Indigenous peoples, we honor their sovereignty and acknowledge their right to self-determination. We also recognize the importance of learning about and understanding the diverse cultures, languages, and histories of these Indigenous peoples.

As a community organization, we are committed to creating and maintaining relationships with people of our community, cultivating a rich learning environment that embraces individual differences, and celebrating the cultures of Louisiana – past and present, including the Indigenous peoples of our region. We also commit to being responsible stewards of this land, to respecting and honoring the natural world, and to working towards reconciliation and healing with Indigenous peoples.

We know that this is just a small step in the long journey towards true reconciliation, but it is an important one, and we are honored to work on the traditional territories of these Indigenous peoples. Acknowledging them reminds us of our important connection to this land where we live, learn, and work. We recognize, honor, and respect these nations as the traditional stewards of the lands and water on which Kids’ Orchestra is now present.

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